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Ap's Flying Netjer Ank

April 4, 1996 - December 3, 2006

Axel was born April 4, 1996. His breeder is Mary Cook from Florida. His registered name is Ap's Flying Netjer Ank. The Flying is from Mary's kennel, Flying Bulldogs and the Netjer Ank is the Egyptian cobra god which leads the souls to the underworld. He was named this because he used to hiss at you when you played tickle bug.
Axel was the model for Alpha ProTech dog beds. See pic below.
He was almost finished his championship when he started having seizures and was treated for epilepsy. Axel was our medical nightmare and miracle. He survived pneumonia and encephalitis. Axel with all his problems lived past 10 years old and died on 12/3/2006.